Everything you need to prepare delicious dishes in your kitchen is included in our vast collection of Stainless Steel Kitchenware. Available in several appealing designs and finishes, our stainless steel kitchenware are a must to have items for every household. This captivating array of stainless steel kitchenware is available at most competitive prices.


A bowl is a hemispherical vessel, wider than it is deep, used for holding food or fluids. These include ice cream bowls, soup bowls, fruit bowls among others. Made of stainless steel, kitchen bowls are available in different sizes and may be used for mixing, measuring and also serving.

Fruit Basket

Basically used to keep fruits, fruit bowls may be made of a variety of exquisite metals. Stainless steel has a bright, easily maintainable surface that provides a modern look and attractive appearance, while lending sophistication to the table. They come in exquisite, contemporary as well as traditional designs. They may have perforations all over and may be artistically crafted in unique designs.
Fruit bowl made of stainless steel possesses practical functionality. These bowls are available in matte-brushed and other finishes to provide a fresh lifestyle alternative for the home.


A steel colander is a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with perforations for draining off liquids and rinsing food. Kitchen colanders are used for washing or draining all kinds of vegetables and fruits, beans, or pasta and for straining solids from stock.
Made of solid stainless steel, colanders are available in different sizes. Elegant-looking colanders may be Nickel Lined and are family keepsakes. Stainless steel is a great heat conductor, hence these colanders can also be used to drain off pasta as they will retain heat longer. The handles and feet of the colanders may be made either of brass, stainless steel or some other metal.
An elegant and unparalleled range of stainless steel colanders are available in different shapes and sizes with us. Made using superior quality stainless steel, our colanders possess an attribute of never before durability. Furthermore, the prices charged for these stainless steel colanders are also very reasonable.


Cookware can be defined as a kitchen utensil made of such a material that does not melt easily and is used for cooking. Cookware consists of a wide range of cooking vessels like saucepans, fry pans, steamers, pressure cookers, stockpots, and many more intended for use on stove or range cooktop. Made of stainless steel, these cookware items are available in different shapes and sizes to cater to different demands.
Cookware made of stainless steel are anti orrosive and they have a good heating effect. Moreover, stainless steel cooking surface does not react with food or alter flavors. These cookware are elegant in appearance and they are easy to clean.
Our astounding collection of Stainless Steel Cookware Sets have been specifically designed to satisfy your varied cooking needs. The ease of use and added functionality of these stainless steel cookware sets can not be over emphasized. Very low and attractive prices are also for you, to make purchase of our stainless steel cookware sets. Ratankar Overseas is an eminent stainless steel cookware manufacturer & exporter based in India.


Utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons used as tableware are collectively known as cutlery. The rust-proof stainless steel is used to churn out an impressive range of cutlery sets, which may be available separately as spoons, forks & knives. Cutlery adds beauty to any table. Also referred to as tableware, cutlery implements for cutting and eating food. They refer to any hand utensil used for preparing, serving and especially eating food. Knives come in different types and styles depending on their usage. There are some knives used for peeling and slicing small fruits and vegetables, while there are others used for slicing through small pieces of meat, cold cuts, or fruit. Depending on usage, spoons are also of various types. Likewise there are Tea Spoons, Serving Spoons, Dessert Spoon and so on. Forks are also used for different purposes. Some forks are used for having dinner, some for having supper while some are used for having salads.


Known for its high degree of toughness, stainless steel is increasingly being used to manufacture a whole range of kitchen accessories. Available in exquisite, contemporary as well as traditional designs, stainless steel jugs can be custom-designed to meet different specifications regarding designs and shapes.
Stainless steel jugs look elegant on the dinner table. Available in different sizes and shapes, they may have different finishes such as hammered finish and also patina finish.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink strainers are put on the sink to prevent the bigger particles of garbage from clogging the drainage pipe. Stainless steel sink strainers are available in different finishes such as matte, brushed, smooth and other finishes.
These strainers can be custom designed to match the size of the drainage hole in the sink, though most of the times, they are available along with the sink.

Roasting Tray

Food roasting Trays are specifically used for crisp and roasted food keeping it fresh, hot, firm and appetizing. These roasting trays easily lift heavy roasts in and out of the oven. Important kitchen accessories to be used for a lifetime, the stainless steel trays distribute heat evenly.
Used particularly in the oven, the highly durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel trays do not rust, are bright & attractive and resist scratches even with metal implements. Stainless steel allows the pan to be used on hotplates or in the oven for all heat sources including induction.

Trays and Plates

A tray is a shallow flat receptacle with a raised edge or rim, used for carrying, holding, or displaying articles. Stainless steel, the corrosion-resistant metal is used to create a huge medley of trays in different shapes and sizes.


Casseroles, large-capacity ovenproof cooking vessels with tight fitting lids, hold baked, braised, or stewed dishes. Metal casseroles are usually safe for oven and stove-top use. Reserve porcelain, stoneware, or earthenware for the oven, unless the manufacturer specifically states that the casserole can be used on the stove top.
Stainless steel may be lacquered to add beauty & variety to it. Stainless steel may be used in combination with steel or some other metal to make casseroles.



Chaffing Dishes

Stainless steel chafing dish is a full size 9 ltr modish Chafer made with heavy 1 mm (20 guage) and 18/8 stainless steel. We produce an extra heavy guage with no spot welds and it comes with bright mirror finish, doom dover for standard 8 Oz canned fuel or 9-1/2 Oz liquid wick fuel.

Food Pans

Superior quality stainless steel is used to manufacture a huge range of pans used for different purposes such as frying pans, grill pans and sauce pans. They are used for making a host of dishes and are available in many shapes and sizes.

Serving Trays

Serving trays are designed keeping in mind the aesthetic aspect of serving of foods. Food trays made of stainless steel are truly versatile and elegant and reflect a great welcome to your guest. Lustrous stainless steel is used with an unwavering demand for perfection for making excellent serving trays.
Enhancing the most elegant tables, food serving trays are bright and pleasing coolections for your kitchen accessories. They are highly durable, corrosion resistant, easily washable and have good cryogenic properties.



Bar accessories include everything that is required for a home bar. It ranges from opening or serving wine to the various accessories essential for stirring or shaking the wine thereby making it easy to sip. Bar accessories made of stainless steel are in vogue of late, due to their practical utility and easy maintenance. All accessories such as wine coolers, cocktail shakers, peg measures etc, which are important components of a bar are being crafted out of stainless steel. Bar accessories made of high quality stainless steel imparts a shiny exterior finish. To make these accessories look more beautiful, sometimes a shiny silver finish is given to it.

Ice Bukets

Stainless steel bucket is excellent for chilling champagne or ice storage and is a great addition to your table and beverage service. Stainless steel ice buckets are available with tinned interior with polished brass handles.
Artistic buckets are made by dexterous craftsmen by hammering stainless steel sheets. They may come in different finishes such as plain patina or hammered finish and in different shapes and sizes.
Stainless steel ice buckets may be plain or may have beautiful designs and motifs engraved on them. They are usually available in their natural, uncoated finish. These buckets may be powder coated, in order to match the crockery and decor. Stainless steel's bright, easily maintained surface provides a modern look and attractive appearance.


Available in absolutely enthralling range, our stainless steel shakers have been the result of our 100% dedication to do something unusual in the stainless steel industry. We feel proud of having stand with the test of time in doing so. We offer a unique range of stainless steel shakers at astoundingly least prices.

Wine Bukets

To make you unwind at the end of a long stressful day and to provide you a perfect relaxing environment, we offer an extremely vast collection of wine buckets. These wine buckets are offered at very nominal prices by us. Our scintillating collection of wine buckets are available in very attractive designs and finishes.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are buckets that are used to chill wine or champagne bottles. Wine cooler, made of stainless steel is excellent for chilling drinks or ice storage and is a great addition to your table and beverage service.
Artistic buckets are made by dexterous craftsmen by hammering stainless steel sheets. They may come in different finishes such as plain patina or hammered finish and in different shapes and sizes.
Decorated with beautiful designs and engraved motifs, Stainless steel champagne buckets are usually available in their natural, uncoated finish. These buckets may be powder coated, in order to match the crockery and decor. The microstructure of stainless steel provides a very high degree of toughness, making it able to withstand differences in temperature from very high to far below freezing.



A definite treat for animal lovers, stainless steel pet products have flooded the domestic as well as international markets due to their practical functionality. Highly durable stainless steel pet products that are rust and odor resistant, are characterized by their sparkling easy-to-clean finish. The pet products include a wide range of utensils starting from pet bowls, pet dishes, pet trays, pet buckets and many more. The smooth surface of these products hide any mark of scratching and chewing. As made of stainless steel, these products resist tarnish and corrosion and hence retain their bright and shiny look.

Pet Trays

Flat and shallow flat receptacle with a raised edge or rim, pet trays provide the perfect option for serving food and water in crates, kennels, dog runs and exercise pens. Special high chromium and nickel alloy grades of stainless steel resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures, making them popular choice for making pet products.
Available in matte, heavy-duty, mirror finish and many other finishes, stainless steel pet trays are ideal for pet homes. They resist cracking, rusting and breaking. Long lasting, these trays are easy to clean and are also scratch and chew resistant.

Pet Bowls

Made from high corrosion resistant stainless steel, pet bowls may be available in a large variety of designs, types and shapes. These long-lasting stainless steel serving pieces feature a sparkling easy-to-clean finish. They are also rust and odor resistant. They are manufactured in a way to hide any mark of scratching and chewing.

Pet Buckets

Stainless steel pet buckets are a great choice for food and water in crates, kennels, dog runs and exercise pens. Easy to fill, clean and carry, these pet buckets are favorites with all pet lovers. Stainless steel, with its easy maintenance and smooth surface is the perfect medium for making pet products.
The heavy-duty, mirror finish, stainless steel pet buckets are ideal for kennels. They are averse to cracking, rusting and breaking. These durable buckets are built for long wear. Kennel operators prefer them because they're sanitary and dogs can't chew them.



Bath Accessories

Our new collection of Steel Bathroom Accessories ranges from traditionally designed sets to contemporary designed sets. These stainless steel bathroom accessories include everything used in modern bathrooms. Being one of the responsible Bathroom Accessories Manufacturers from India, we provide bathroom accessories that are ideal for everyday use whilst making a fashionably bold statement. In addition, we have a customer-friendly pricing strategy.


Various domestic containers commonly used in kitchens, which are usually round, fairly deep cooking vessel with handles and often lids, are referred to as pots. They may be used for varied cooking and storage purposes such as stock pots, cooking pots and coffee & tea pots.
Pots may come in all shapes and sizes. Tall and narrow shaped pots allow liquid to bubble up through the food thereby extracting maximum flavor. High sides of pot also minimizes evaporation of liquids during slow cooking. Pots made of stainless steel are dishwasher safe.


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